NSPS was formed on February 3rd 2017 in Saint Paul, MN by a group of folks
who have had or believe in paranormal events.  My name is Bernie and I created
NSPS because I finally came to a point in my life where I don't care what people
say or think about my interest in the paranormal so I'm no longer afraid of the
ridicule and disbelief that come with the territory. I have had paranormal events
my entire life, I have seen thing that still make me just shake my head and say
what the hell.

When NSPS does an investigation we do so in a professional and safe manor
using industry standard equipment. We do not use a Ouija board because it is a
very dangerous device. We do not go in to an investigation trying to prove there
is a haunting occurring. We go in to an investigation to disprove a haunting by
trying to find a explanation for the activity.