NSPS was formed on February 3rd 2015 in Saint Paul, MN by a group of folks
who have had or believe in paranormal events  

My name is Bernie and I created
NSPS because I finally came to a point in my life where I don't care what
people say or think about my interest in the paranormal so I'm no longer afraid
of the ridicule and disbelief that comes with the territory

I have had paranormal events happen to or around me most of my life, I have
seen things that still makes me just shake my head and say what the hell

When NSPS performs an investigation we do so in a professional,safe and
discreet manor  
we never charge a fee for our services
we use industry standard equipment
We do not use a Ouija board because it is a very dangerous device
We do not go in to an investigation trying to prove there is a haunting occurring
We go in to an investigation to disprove a haunting by trying to find a
explanation for the activity
Mission Statement:
Northern States Paranormal Society Is A Non profit organization
consistently working hard to help people with their paranormal
experience with investigation,education and compassion with no
fee ever