2018 Rule Book

  • Trucks must be ready to go by the time qualifying starts
  • 3 truck limit per person
  • Absolutely no running trucks in between runs
  • If you have something broke and need to test please do not test on the track
  • Please make sure your remote and truck are off after every run
  • Only 3 substitutions per driver, no substitutions for series finals
  • If  your truck is not ready you will be put on a 2 minute rule
  • If you are not ready by the end of the 2 minuets you will forfeit your run leaving your opponent with a  
    bye run
  • All trucks must have a body with a name to compete
  • Nitro/gas trucks will not be  allowed at r/c monster bash events  (competing or just bashing)
  • The starting time will be 1:30pm. (unless otherwise noted)
  • practice time will be at  1:00 and at 2:00  the track will be made and trucks must be off at this time
  • In the event of a tie in points, the truck with the best qualifying score will get the placement..
  • If an event is scheduled and not ran all participants  will receive 50 bonus points per UN ran event
  • Please stay for the whole event so you can help tear down
  • If asked to sub please sub fairly


  • Qualifying will depend on the number of trucks
  • Each truck will count for 10 points  
  • Example: 10 trucks show that means that top qualifier will receive 100 points
  • 2nd place will receive 90 points
  • 3rd will receive 80 points and so on.

  • 1st place will receive   150points
  • 2nd Place will receive 125 points
  • 3rd Place will receive  100 points
  • 4th Place will receive    75 points
  • All other placements     50 points

  • Freestyle will be 120 seconds long (2 Minuets)
  • You will be allowed 2 flips as long as they are in 45 seconds
  • 4 judges will score all freestyle's scoring between 0 and 10 max score 40
  • If there is a time when we do not have 4 judges we will pick 4 drivers at random to judge
  • Please judge fairly
  • In the event we have a tie the truck with the best qualifying time will take the placement.

Obstacle Course:
  • Obstacle Course will be scored by your time
  • The fastest time will receive most points
  • The points will be given by the amount of trucks participating  
  • 10 points per truck (example - there are 10 trucks competing)
  • the 1st place person will receive 100 points
  • 2nd place will receive 90 points
  • 3rd will receive 80 points and so on
  • You are allowed 1 flip or 1 restart with a 5 second penalty


How A Racing Bracket Is Made:
  • Slowest Qualifier VS 2nd Slowest Qualifier (top of bracket)
  • Fastest Qualifier VS 2nd Fastest Qualifier (bottom Bracket)
  • 3rd Slowest Qualifier VS 3rd Slowest Qualifier (top of bracket)
  • 3rd fastest Qualifier VS 3rd  fastest Qualifier (bottom of bracket
  • This rotation will continue until all trucks have an opponent
  • If there is an uneven number of trucks the top qualifier will receive a bye run
  • In the event a wild card is needed the truck that completed the course with the best time of all the losing trucks
    will advance to the next round as the wild card truck.

Please follow these guidelines so everyone can have a fun, safe and fair place to enjoy their hobby
also by doing so you will help keep the racing action moving at a fun pace.

If you have any questions, please post them on the team extreme r/c Facebook page or email me at bernie@teamextremerc.com

2018 team extreme r/c motor sports.